Why Choose WebTrusive for Your Business in Eastern North Carolina?

WebTrusive was originally founded in 2019 in the beautiful city of Fort Myers, Florida. Now relocated in New Bern, North Carolina, our roots have followed us from coast to coast. Business on the coast is very unique and local shops and storefronts are king in the small business coastal world. This is why WebTrusive is dedicated to building business in these coastal areas. If you’re not familiar with Fort Myers, Florida or New Bern, North Carolina I would highly recommend a visit to see for yourself just how beautiful life is for these locations.

Sweet Bean Café – Fort Myers, FL

Inside Sweet Bean Café Fort Myers, FL

       Inside Sweet Bean Café, Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, Florida is a city located in the west coast of Florida. WebTrusive has helped businesses stand out here above others. Highly rated Sweet Bean Café is tucked away off McGregor Blvd and absolutely adored by locals. We fell in love with their unique and homely set-up, The moment you walk in the door you see a coffee bar and a welcoming sitting area and table set-up. You would also be surprised with the options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With our partnership, they were able to expand their options for online ordering and local visibility.





Perform with Purpose – Naples, FL

Eric Potter Training in Naples, FL

                Eric Potter Training in Naples, FL

Another gem a little bit more south is Perform with Purpose located in Naples, Florida. Eric Potter is a top notch fitness and health trainer and is a client favorite in the area. He specializes in diet and fitness and has trained a few notable athletes in the area. His partnership with WebTrusive has allowed his client base to be more engaged and proactive via his revamped website and service options.


Morgan’s Pub – Havelock, NC

Our success in Florida has saddened us to relocate, but we have been optimistic and encouraged with the amazing local businesses in Eastern, North Carolina. One that stands out tremendously is located in a town south of New Bern called Havelock, North Carolina. Morgan’s Pub is the go-to option for evening drinking and local hangouts. John has a wonderful reputation with the community in Havelock and has been congratulated by the Mayor for his outstanding service and presence in the Havelock community. Our partnership with Morgan’s Pub has given them an online presence and is building local SEO for more locals and travelers to find his business.

Coastal Success for Local Businesses


These are only a few of the success stories we have built with partnership in the local communities in Southwest Florida and Eastern North Carolina. We are always looking for new businesses to help along their journey and are dedicated to being the very best fit to help them elevate their growth potential. At WebTrusive, we have grown to love local small business, especially in the coastal communities. If you or someone you know is interested in a valuable partnership with WebTrusive please contact us with the information below.

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